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Music for Dance


Better Suited (1:13)

Fixed Media Dance Score

Choreographer: Margaret Wiss

Premier:  8 February 2019


Superposition (~12:00)

Fixed Media Dance Score with optional live sound (vc)

Commissioned by: Mt. Holyoke Faculty Dance Recital

Choreographer: Margaret Wiss

Premier: 9 November 2017


Symphony of Symmetrical Action (8:30)

Fixed Media Dance Score with live sound (vln.vla)

Commissioned by: Furnace Fringe Festival

Choreographer: Margaret Wiss

Premiere: 9 July 2017


Circular Waves of Circumstance (12:20)

Fixed Media Dance Score

Commissioned by: PDX Contemporary Ballet

Choreographer: Margaret Wiss

Premiere: 5 June 2017




Sublimation (7:45)

Orchestra ( -, timp, 2 perc, pft, harp, str) 

Boston Conservatory Orchestra

Conductor: Vimbayi Kaziboni 

Premier: 3 March 2019


Different Beaches (25:00)

Orchestra and Mixed Chorus (

Symphonic Version Commissioned by the Orchestra Society of Philadelphia

Conductor: Daron Hagen

Reading: (Third Movement) 4 November 2016



Small Fires (3:20)

Mixed Chorus

Written for the Wintergreen Summer Music Academy

Academy Students

Reading: 20 July 2018


In this Short Life (5:00)

SATB Choral Setting of two Emily Dickinson poems 

In the Tropics (2:30)

SATB arrangement of the art song “In the Tropics” from my cycle “Periodicity”

Commissioned by: Weston High School Chorus

Premiere: 4 April 2018


Autumn Movement (2:15)

Art song for piano and soprano

Written for the Wintergreen Summer Music Academy

Hayley Abramowitz, Soprano; Daniele Bonini, Piano

Premier: 29 July 2018


Periodicity (9:30)

Song Cycle for Soprano and Piano

Poetry of William Carlos Williams, Carl Sandburg, ee cummings, Lynn Frederiksen,

T.E. Hume, and Adelaide Crapsey

Bard College Conservatory

Rachel Doring, soprano; Bethany Pietroniro, piano

Premiere: 29 November 2016

Fixed Media


The Shoe Thief (2:00)

Fixed Media

Released: April 2017


F - P 1 - 5 (3:00)

Fixed Media

Released: April 2017


Study In White Noise 1-3 (Suggested length of 15:00)

Fixed Media and Live sound (4syn.pft.str)

Skidmore College

Premiere: 17 April 2016


Mixed Ensemble/Chamber


Miniature (3:00)

Electric Guitar, Tenor Saxophone, Piano, Percussion

Dai Haraguchi, Guitar; Kelvyn Koning, Piano; Nick Stevens, Percussion; Matthias Vecanski, Saxophone

Premier: 23 April 2019


Murmurations (~9:00)

Piano, Percussion, Bass

Chris Gunnell, Percussion; Kevin Madison, Piano; Gillian Dana, Bass

Premier: 7 December 2018


Leaf (~4:00)

Piri and Piano

Gamin, Piri; Kevin Madison, Piano

Premier: 14 November 2018


The Boat (3:00)

Piano, Violin, Cello, 

Film score for a section of Buster Keaton’s “The Boat”

Written for the Wintergreen Summer Music Academy

Wintergreen Faculty Performers

Premier: 20 July 2018


After Rain (6:30)

Duet for Harp and French Horn

Commissioned by Apple Orange Pair

Connecticut Summer Fest

Colleen Potter Thorburn, Harp; Emily Boyer, French Horn

Premiere: 14 June 2016


Reflections on Movement (indeterminate length)

Live sound Installation (suggested ensemble:

Skidmore College Schick Art Gallery

Feel Good Ensemble

Premiere: 21 April 2016


Polyrhythms 1-3 (15:00)

Mixed Ensemble (

Skidmore College

Premiere: 17 April 2016


Gradual Relaxation (3:45)

Mixed Ensemble (

Skidmore College

Ensemble ACJW

Reading: 11 February 2016


Drones (5:00)

String Ensemble (4vln.2va.2vc)

Skidmore College

Premiere: 17 April 2016


Five and Four (3:00)

Trio (

Skidmore College

Premiere: 5 December 2015


Miniature for String Quartet 4 (2:45)

String Quartet

Skidmore College 

Ensemble ACJW

Reading: 15 October 2015


Miniature for String Quartet 2 (3:45)

String Quartet

Commissioned by Blue Ridge Quartet

Wintergreen Summer Music Festival Academy 

Blue Ridge Quartet

Premiere: 28 July 2015


Music For a Piano that Plays Itself (3:20)


Skidmore College

Premiere: 9 December 2014


Miniature for String Quartet 1 (1:30)

String Quartet

Skidmore College

Premiere: 9 December 2014


Six and Four (3:15)

Flute, Clarinet, French Horn, Bassoon

Skidmore College

Premiere: 9 December 2014

Fixed Media and Electronic